Windy Top is an international collective of independent engineers offering services to the electronic industry ranging from software and CAD tools development to custom and semi custom ASIC designs as well as PCB, Hybrid, MCM design services. Our offices are located in both New England and the Philippines giving us the ability to give round the clock services without losing sleep.

Douglas W. Prince
ASIC, Software and conceptual engineer and Developer of the AS2Pack Tool Suite. Over 25 years experience in the electronic industry specializing in VB widgets to solve problems in design flows and automating many design processes for ASIC, MCM, Packaging and PCB engineers. Currently living in the Philippines where I hope to have an emersion resort and restaurant on my property here on Camiguin Island someday as a retirement project. In my spare time I have fun cooking and have plans on opening a bakery here to compliment the restaurant.
James E. Mandry
Richard O'Hearn
As a self employed contractor I have been laying out PCB boards and also repairing and designing electronics circuits for over 30 years.

AS2Pack Image

Our premier software package, AS2Pack Tool Suite, is an integrated tool used by ASIC and packaging engineers. The Pad Ring Explorer allows ASIC engineers to design and analyze the pad ring of design. The tool outputs scripts that directly interface with Astro and AtopTech tools. Other interfaces can be developed on request. The Wire Bond Explorer allows the packaging engineer to parametrically design the fan out pattern for a die. This tool also has a 3D Viewer allowing the designer to see the design from all angles. Cross referencing between the netlist and die is also available. Outputs in clued DXF format as well as an enhanced LIQ format that is currently accepted by PADS and EDWinXP.

The Philippine division is manned by Douglas W. Prince and is where most of the software development takes place. I am proficient in VB and .net application development specializing in CAD tools for the electronic industry. As an ASIC engineer I can also place and route custom and semicustom ASICs using state of the art tools. Hands on development of cells, gates and small blocks is done using ICED layout editor. State machine and Verilog coding for ASICs and FPGAs is accomplished using the Aldec tool suite for verification. With our AS2Pack tool suite and various other layout tools we can also design and implement MCM and Hybrid circuits as well as PCB and package layouts.

On the fun side of life, the Philippine division also includes a future emersion resort on the island of Camiguin. Located just south of the town of Guinsiliban on a hill side, the future site overlooks the ocean to the east. On the property are coconut, banana, papaya, mango, lansones and jack fruit trees to mention a few. We also have a small piggery, the start of a goat herd and turkeys. The dream is to have several cabins for rentals as well as a night club and restaurant overlooking the ocean.