AS2Pack tool suiteVersion features

Wire bond explorerNetlist tabNetlist tab screenshotDie tabDie tab screen shotWire bond tabWire bond tab continuedWire bond tab screen shot

3D LIQ viewer3D LIQ viewer screen shot

Fanout generationFanout tier rulesFanout DRCFanout tier assignmentFanout screenshot before processingFanout control boxFanout control box screen shotFanout screenshot after processing

Die attach pad editorDie attachpad editor continuedDie attach pad editor screen shot 1Die attachpad screen shot 2

Split join and bond site editorCBP Split and join screen shotBond site editorBond site editor scren shot 1Bond site editor scren shot 2

Split ring editorSplit ring editor screen shot 1Split ring editor screen shot 2

Stack device editorStack device editor screen shot 1Stacked device editor screen shot 2

ScriptingAS2Pack37Scripting screen shot

Wire bond setupWire bond setup continuedWire bond setup scren shot

LR estimatorLR estimator screen shot

PropertiesProperties continuedTop level propertiesSystem propertiesProject propertiesNetlist propertiesNetlist properties componentsNetlist properties partsNetlist properties NetsNetlist properties cross referenceNetlist properties single node netsdie propertiesDie properties die data

Pad ring explorerPad ring explorer scren shotInput filesInput files continuedInput files continuedExplorer tabDie process optionsDimensionsLower case and corner 1 locationProcess options and output formatDie originProces statisticsOutput tabAstro output parametersAtopTech output parametersScripting

Ring viewRing view screen shotRing view highlights

AppendixAppendix continuedAppendix continuedReferencesAS2Pack feature comparisonAS2Pack feature comparison continuedAS2Pack feature comparison continued


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