The island-province of Camiguin is a pear-shaped volcanic island in the northern tip of Mindanao. Windy Top PH is located just south of the village Guinsiliban on the east side of Mount Elehan (Kewakat) overlooking the ocean. The current Windy Top property is a little over 1 hectare in size and has a small papaya plantation along with some bananas and coconuts which we harvest for both copra and buko. Many other fruit trees have been planted on the property including jackfruit, mangos, lansones and rambotans that will begin producing fruit in the next few years. All these fruits will be available for sale at the local markets as well as to visitors at the Windy Top Resort when they are in season.


In addition to the fruits we also have a small piggery where we raise our own pigs for special occasions and feasts. Our cooks are experts at roasting pigs by an open fire until they are golden brown. The goats are being raised for their milk and when I get enough of them I will start making my own in house goat cheese. The latest addition to the farm are the turkeys. These, like the pigs, will be available for special occasions, dinners and parties. All animals are raised in an open range style giving them the freedom to run and play and are fed nothing but natural feed and grass.


The future dream resort will be a total emersion experience where the guests get to know the people of the village and culture. The location, as described above, is working plantation and farm where you can experience fresh fruits and food of the area. As you walk the streets of Guinsiliban you will meet the people and have a chance to stop, talk and interact with them. They are very friendly here and you will here "Hello Friend" where ever you go. Camiguin is a very peaceful island where fishing is a main industry with fish mongers selling fish from side cars and multi cabs. There are 7 ways of getting around the village and island. Walking, peddle tricycle, motorcycle, side car, mororilla, multi cab or Jeepney. Each one is an experience unto itself. My preference is walking when I go to town.

The buildings on the resort will be constructed out of native materials with bamboo floors and nipa roofs which will give you a feeling of what it is like to live here. This is part of the emersion experience. Another part of the culture here is the videoke so we are planning on including our own on the upper ledge of the property over looking the ocean. More about that in the Night Club section. This is also where the main restaurant will be located too serving local and some international dishes along with our signature sour dough breads products. There will also be a party area where major feasts and events can be held whether it be a small party of 5 to 10 people or a major event for 100 or more people. You will have the chance to throw your own party for people in the village for the ultimate emersion experience. Eventually we will have our own boat and offer tours around the island.

When you leave Windy Top you will have made many new friends and memories and hopefully want to come back again for another visit. Things will be changing as the resort grows and offers more services and entertainment. We want to make you experience here a memorable one that you will share with your friends once you return home.

Blue Lion Tavern

The Resort will have a restaurant / night club called the Blue Lion Tavern perched on the upper ledge of the property overlooking the ocean. Following the tradition of the Blue Lion Tavern I had at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival many years ago, the tavern, we will have annual mugs for local patrons as well as souvenirs for guests. Each year 100 limited edition mugs will be created and numbered. The tavern will have the ever popular videoke machine as well as a wide screen TV for special events. The food at the tavern will be a collection of local foods as well as some international dishes. We will also have a wood fired oven for baking our own sour dough breads and pizzas. Many snack foods and appetizers will be available for the beer drinkers including chicken feet and popcorn.

Dining tables at the edge of the deck will have a panoramic view over looking the ocean with the the mainland in the distance. All dishes are made to order and family style meals will also be offered. If it isn't on our menu than let us know what you want ahead of time and we will make it for you and add it to the menu in your name. All dishes will be created using natural ingredients, herbs (grown on our own herb and flower gardens) and spices with no MSG added. All the food available at the restaurant will also be available for room service for those staying at the resort.


Birthday Party 2013