The Resort will have a restaurant / night club called the Blue Lion Tavern perched on the upper ledge of the property overlooking the ocean. Following the tradition of the Blue Lion Tavern I had at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival many years ago, the tavern, we will have annual mugs for local patrons as well as souvenirs for guests. Each year 100 limited edition mugs will be created and numbered. The tavern will have the ever popular videoke machine as well as a wide screen TV for special events. The food at the tavern will be a collection of local foods as well as some international dishes. We will also have a wood fired oven for baking our own sour dough breads and pizzas. Many snack foods and appetizers will be available for the beer drinkers including chicken feet and popcorn.

Dining tables at the edge of the deck will have a panoramic view over looking the ocean with the the mainland in the distance. All dishes are made to order and family style meals will also be offered. If it isn't on our menu than let us know what you want ahead of time and we will make it for you and add it to the menu in your name. All dishes will be created using natural ingredients, herbs (grown on our own herb and flower gardens) and spices with no MSG added. All the food available at the restaurant will also be available for room service for those staying at the resort.